Welcome to the Congress of Integral Politics

It is my pleasure and honor to welcome all of you to this year's gathering of the Congress of Integral Politics. We live in very exciting - and very dangerous - times, and there are many people (including myself and most of you, I'm sure) who feel that only Integral approaches to our problems will suffice. For the first time in history, most of our deep and wicked problems are now global-generated and global in scale, and nothing less than global thinking and global paradigms and meta-paradigms will be able to challenge and eventually solve these problems.

For example, the Integral stage of development (individually and collectively) is the first stage of human development in all of history that is truly comprehensive and all-inclusive. All of the previous, earlier stages of development (e.g., magic, mythic, rational, pluralistic) believe that their views, and their views alone, are true and real, while all other views are wrong, childish, illusory, or simply mistaken. This creates enormous internal cultural frictions, and all sorts of "culture wars," with premodern versus modern versus postmodern. But Integral levels recognize the partial truths in all stages of development, and thus Integral levels present the first truly inclusive and embracing values and worldviews. An Integral society would be a truly enlightened society, with room for all, malice toward none, and inclusivity the hall-mark. What a revolution this would truly be!

This is what an Integral Politics is aiming for. Needless to say, it is a complex and complicated task - and yet we are at the historical and evolutionary point where we realize nothing less than Integral will do, and thus we need to commit ourselves - body, mind, heart, and spirit - to bringing such a society into being. I send all my love and best wishes to all of you here who are committed to this noble, good, true, and beautiful venture.

Ken Wilber

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